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  • Elise Vonk

    Elise Vonk
    Interim Marketing and Communications Manager BTA at Climate-KIC

  • Paul Tuinenburg

    Paul Tuinenburg
    Director at Impacter

  • Maria Loloni

    Maria Loloni
    Business Analyst, Sustainable Production Systems at Climate-KIC

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Decision Metrics and Finance

There is no lack of finance but a lack of bankable green assets.  Climate-KIC’s Decision Metrics and Finance theme works with 200+ partners to develop the metrics and financial mechanisms to redirect and mobilise the finance needed to quickly scale up climate action.

Sustainable Land Use

Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Land Use theme supports approaches that decarbonise agriculture, making it more efficient and productive. We foster innovation in the bio-economy that builds resilience into global food and forest value chains. We promote integrated, sustainable land use, coalescing disparate needs through partnerships and collaboration.

Sustainable Production Systems

Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Production Systems theme is developing and championing climate-friendly and economically viable circular models of manufacturing to deliver a carbon-neutral economy. Our focus is on lifecycle-driven ideas – the kind that yield a material or energy exchange or sharing of assets, to build a new foundation for Europe’s industry.

Urban Transitions

Climate-KIC’s Urban Transitions catalyses urban transformation through collaboration and systemic innovation across infrastructure, governance and investment. We see major opportunities for a new, sustainable market to emerge harnessing the creativity, skills and economies of scale that exist within urban environments. E.g. air quality, emission reduction, waste, resource use, wellbeing, public health and social balance.