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    October 27th, 2017

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    Sustainable Production Systems

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BacToShrimp - Back To Fresh

Short summary

** BacToShrimp provides high quality fresh shrimp to all markets close or far from the sea or any other water source.** BacToShrimp aims to apply the design of a start-up plant and scale-up gradually. The target is to enter the market with a fresh product available to local markets and top restaurants and expand to a national and European level.The technologic and biological advantage of the production plant lays on the principles of a circular economy. The production system does not require any water exchange, has no discharges to the environment (nutrient cycling) and does not use chemicals or antibiotics.The aim of BacToShrimp is a sustainable production of 8Kg/m2 fresh shrimp inside greenhouses and continuously throughout the year.

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